Third Party Workflow Solutions for SharePoint – Comparison


Workflow becomes an essential part of every business process. It gives business a faster management as well as automates redundant tasks and ensures uncompleted tasks are followed up.

In SharePoint Workflow is one of the most important aspects. Out-Of-The box SharePoint workflow often doesn’t fulfil the requirement for organisational process. There are two approach companies can take to resolve this, one build it in-house where organisation need to spend money on developers as well as time. Other approach can be buying a third party solution. Buying third party solution can be tricky sometime as there are significant amount of cost related to it and organisation should also keep in mind regarding values they are getting for the money.

I was preparing a documentation regarding third party SharePoint workflow product for the organisation I am working at right now. I already knew about Nintex and K2 Black pearl but while searching I have come across some more products which are cheaper and enough feature to fulfil the needs of this organisation.

I will try to put a comparison between those entire workflow products in a table below and I am sure this will help many businesses to choose the right product according to their needs.

(I was trying to Put everything in the same Table but after Publishing I can see it totally destroy my table in page view. I am making 2 tables instead, 1 with basic information and the other with the feature)



Product Name




Supporting Platforms

Pricing US $(approx)


Nintex Workflow 2007

MOSS 2007WSS v3

Also Works with Dynamics CRMProject Server 2007SAPPerformancePoint 2007BizTalk Server 2006SiebelOraclePeopleSoft

Standard Edition is priced per server at $8,750.00
Enterprise Edition is priced per server at $17,500.00
Workgroup Edition is priced for 5 site activations at $3,000.00


MOSS 2007WSS v3


Virto Software

MOSS 2007WSS v3



MOSS 2007WSS v3

Not sure

Workflow Essentials

MOSS 2007


WorkBox SharePoint WorkFlow Manager

MOSS 2007WSS v3

Not Sure

Kaldeera Workflow Designer 2009

MOSS 2007




Features of Different Workflow Products-

Product Name



Nintex Workflow 2007

Product Features:
Graphical Web Interface

  • Browser based client (no desktop software required)
  • Easy to use drag and drop workflow designer
  • Visual workflow progress

Advanced Workflow Features

  • Delegation and escalation capability
  • Scheduled and timed workflows
  • Rich Notification via E-mail, Instant Messenger and SMS
  • Rapid approval through Nintex LazyApproval™
  • Predefined templates for common processes

Built for SharePoint

  • Deep integration with MOSS 2007/WSS3.0
  • Automate common SharePoint tasks
  • Built on Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
  • Integrate SharePoint with Non SharePoint Systems
  • Connect with third party Enterprise Workflow products
  • Account Provisioning
  • BizTalk integration
  • Enterprise reporting




  • Manage list items, documents, libraries, Web content, sites and workspaces, and records.
  • Build processes that move information and documents between libraries and lists across SharePoint sites and servers.
  • Surface information through process portals.
  • Integrate with SharePoint workflow.
  • Surface tasks through the K2 Tasklist Web part.
  • Leverage existing functionality and information via Web and Windows Communication Foundation services.
  • Applications can be set up to handle simple tasks or to manage complex scenarios. 
  • SharePoint forms are automatically created, based on process design.
  • Reports provide visibility into the business
  • Wizards guide users through configuration of check-in, check-out, move, copy and deletion of documents and list items, as well as e-mail notifications. 
  • Workflows are accessed through standard SharePoint menus.
  • Workflows can be initiated manually or as a result of events.
  • Tasks are available in SharePoint task lists and can surface tasks federated across all sites, processes and SharePoint servers.
  • Tasks can be surfaced in Outlook through SharePoint task synchronization.
  • Tasks are available through the Office Business Bar. 

Virto Software

With Virto SharePoint Workflow Kit you can

  • New e-mail activities including sending emails with List Item/HTTP attachment and using SMTP-Server
  • Sending direct messages to Twitter
  • Instant messaging to Jabber, Miranda and GTalk
  • Sending SMS
  • Text activities (capture, replace, validate, format, translate)
  • InfoPath activities
  • HTТP-Activities (receive HTML, send HTTP Post)

Key Benefits of Virto SharePoint Workflow Kit

  • No-code and Ready-to-use Activities
  • Easy Deployment (Just add them into your SharePoint Designer)
  • Enhanced Capabilities for your Custom Workflow Creation

Coras Works

CorasWorks Workplace Suite for SharePoint allows organizations to design, build, and maintain collaborative web–based solutions on SharePoint in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost. It is a system of modular software products for Microsoft SharePoint.

Whether you are building from the ground up, need ready–built solutions, or enhancing already–deployed SharePoint solutions, the Workplace Suite can provide you with an end–to–end set of collaborative features and capabilities to meet your specific needs. And best of all, the Workplace Suite is further supported by CorasWorks’ full line of software and service offerings.

With a variety of modular web parts, more than 50 pre-built “starter” solutions for rapid development, and application design patterns and templates, you can quickly and easily build a wide range of collaborative web–based solutions. Add to that, a complete set of documentation, training, technical support and an online knowledge base, and the result is a dynamically integrated, role-based Workplace delivering business solutions to teams and managers. All by tying together the right people, information, and processes.

Workflow Essentials

Workflow Essentials contains custom workflow activities and conditions for SharePoint that you will find indispensable. With Workflow Essentials installed, you’ll have over two dozen additional activities and conditions to choose from.  These activities will allow your SharePoint Designer workflows to create SharePoint sites, move and copy list items, query user properties from both SharePoint and Active Directory, send e-mail attachments, manipulate item permissions, and much more.

  • SharePoint Group
  • Add User to SharePoint Group
  • Convert String to Date
  • Copy List Item Extended
  • Create Site
  • Delete Item Permission Assignment
  • FTP Upload Item 
  • Function With Query
  • Get Site User Property
  • Get User Department
  • Get User Display Name
  • Get User Manager 
  • Get User Title
  • Grant Permission on Item
  • Loop Through List Items
  • Reset Item Permissions Inheritance
  • RSS Feed 
  • Send E-mail Extended
  • Send E-mail with HTTP File Attachment
  • Send E-mail with List Item Attachment
  • Start Another Workflow
  • Text Capture
  • Text Replace
  • Text Validate

WorkBox SharePoint WorkFlow Manager

WorkBox is an advanced platform designed to create and manage business processes. It is a practical tool to define simple documents flow such as flow of invoices, absences, sick leaves, business trips as well as modeling complex business processes based on company’s IT systems. Thanks to implementation of state workflow model, processes may be modeled in extremely easy and legible way.

  • Designed for managers and analysts aware of processes within the company
    WorkBox has been designed to satisfy the needs of a business user. It facilitates processes definition and implementation by the managing staff. No technical knowledge is needed to use it.
  • No need for programming
    The implementation of processes does not require coding. Workflow designing goes through dedicated graphical editor.
  • Graphic user’s interface
    WorkBox has a graphic designer which supports processes definition. All the processes are presented in a legible and vivid way. Thanks to the designer, creating and editing already existing processes becomes extremely easy.
  • Integration with SharePoint
    Great advantage of WorkBox is it’s seamless integration with SharePoint platform. Processes are implemented on the SharePoint itself, therefore, a user taking part in a process can simultaneously perform process tasks and inform about progress by the means of SharePoint. WorkBox works on MOSS 2007 as well as on WSS 3.0 environment.
  • Flexibility
    WorkBox has the ability to extend its functionality. As it has an open architecture, other companies may program additional functionalities (for example data connectors for ERP or CRM systems) and implement them in the WorkBox environment, enabling users to use it from workflow designer level.

Kaldeera Workflow Designer 2009

Kaldeera Workflow Designer 2009 provides an easy way to implement a flexible solution for SharePoint that will improve your users experience and lead to faster portal adoption.

Advanced enhancements that Kaldeera 2009 will provide to your SharePoint environment:

  • 100% Silverlight technology
  • Full integration with MOSS 2007 & WSS 3.0
  • Enhanced workflow actions (includes xPath and XML)
  • Field-based workflows
  • Task approval and task delegation
  • “Drag & Drop” technology to design workflows
  • Cross-browser (IE 6/7/8, Firefox 2/3, Safari 2/3 … )
  • Workflow Import / Export
  • Enhanced security
  • Traceability and monitoring
  • SharePoint SP2 ready


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  2. I really enjoyed your article and would like to know if I provide a link back to your site if I can use your article on one of my sites?

  3. Michael says:

    It would be nice if you added the summary of these workflows, describing when to use them, because they target different areas

  4. Nice article mate!
    Exactly the kind of information that I was looking for.


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  7. Thanks Mrin for your information. I recommends you add Skelta BPM .net ( and ASCEN Agile Point ( products to that comparision.


  8. oasentalk says:

    Thank you. This was a welcome contribution to my search for workflow addition in SharePoint.

  9. Samir Rajput says:

    Great Information. Exactly what I was looking for.

  10. Hello
    I work for company that develops Workbox. If you like I can update information about Workbox you have in this post.

    Workbox is working with SharePoint 2010/SP Foundation as well and integrates with SQL, Oracle and any ODBC driver.

    There are two types of licenses – Standard – up to 25 process users is $2’500 and enterprise (with no limitations on CALs) is $14’000. Both licenses are per front-end.

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