SharePoint Search 2010-No Need of SSP


SharePoint 2010 not only coming with lots of interesting features but it will surely make life easy. I am particular happy to know no need of SSP (Shared Service Provider) with this version of SharePoint. SSPs were pretty handy in Office SharePoint Server 2007. They allowed us to create a configuration of profiles, audiences, Excel Services, BDC and search that we could share between two Web applications but my experience is not that sweet My SSP crushed and got fridge few time over the years.

What Happening with SSP?

In SharePoint 2010 Shared Service Providers (SSP’s) are replaced by Service Applications. Services are no longer combined into a SSP. Services are running independent as a service application.

Service Applications: services like Search, Managed Meta Data, and so on… are running independent. So SharePoint 2010 provides unboxed services. You can configure which services are running on an application server. Per web application you can configure which services are consumed.

The Picture below will give a good idea and comparison between SSP and Service application.

What Service apps are NEW and their functionality-

SharePoint 2010 architecture has been modified and they are lots of NEW Services available in SharePoint 2010. Some of the new Services and what they do below:

  • Access Services – Allows viewing, editing, and interacting with Access databases in a browser.
  • Managed Metadata Service – Provides access to managed taxonomy hierarchies, keywords, social tags and Content Type publishing across site collections.
  • Secure Store Service –Provides capability to store data (e.g. credential set) securely and associate it to a specific identity or group of identities.
  • State Service – Provides temporary storage of user session data for Office SharePoint Server components.
  • Usage and Health data collection – This service collects farm wide usage and health data and provides the ability to view various usage and health reports.
  • Visio Graphics Service – Enables viewing and refreshing of published Visio diagrams in a web browser.
  • Web Analytics Service Application – Enable rich insights into web usage patterns by processing and analysing web analytics data.
  • Word Conversion Service Application – Provides a framework for performing automated document conversions


More about SharePoint search can be found at-

What’s new in enterprise search (SharePoint Server 2010)

SharePoint 2010 Shared Service Architecture

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