“Write Error” while Performing Stsadm -o Backup on a SharePoint Site

I was having this strange issue while performing backup of a SharePoint site. Let me write in more details below-


I was working on a SharePoint Intranet Project. As a scheduled work I was taking a backup of the SharePoint site every day afternoon using STSADM -O Backup Command and was storing the backup file at a physical Location. E.g.-C/D Drive. I was running the same command like everyday to backup My SharePoint site but I got an error saying “Write Error while performing backup. Couldn’t backup the site”. I was stressed because I was doing the same thing since Last 1 month and never had a issue like this before.


I went on Google and give it a Search but was confused about the results I was getting on Google. Then I noticed I was saving the backup file on a physical location, Let’s say D drive. I was keeping all the backup file since last one month. Out of my curiosity I go on check the D drive Space and BINGO it was full which was causing the issue. All I had to do is delete old backup file and empty Space on D drive and the backup start working.

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4 Responses to “Write Error” while Performing Stsadm -o Backup on a SharePoint Site

  1. Nitesh says:

    it’s a really nice blog

  2. jagan says:

    nice..its helped me alot..

  3. Kanchan says:

    you saved me

  4. Ram says:

    It helped me confirmed my doubt!


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