Relative Path For Bamboo List Rollup WebPart

Bamboo List Rollup Webpart is one of the great creations of Bamboo Team. It Can Use Multiple Calendar Events and merge them as a single list and create a template. With that Template you can show events on Bamboo Calendar.

I was working on a Client side that were using an Event Calendar at root Level to show centralised event and also a calendar for each of their departments Landing Page. As we are still at development stage we have three environments DEV, UAT and PROD.

For Bamboo List rollup WebPart I was using Hardcore Link as below

http:// SERVERNAME /Lists/Events/AllItems.aspx-For root Level Calendar.

http://ServerName/SubSite/Lists/ Calendar/AllItems.aspx-For Subsite Calendar.

But each time I had to move my work from Development Environment to Other Environment I had to reconfigure the Bamboo Calendar with The right Path which is really hectic and most Importantly Time Consuming.


Looking at different option at Web I have found If I Use relative Path then I doesn’t have to Reconfigure those WebPart again. And you can use this relative Path for other Configuration as well. Like-

If you use ( ../../)-This will take you to the root site.

If you use (../Subsite)-This will take you to the respective subsite. After finding this I have Reconfigure Bamboo List RollUp Calendar Following way-

../../Lists/Events/AllItems.aspx-For root Level Calendar.

../SubSite Name/Lists/ Calendar/AllItems.aspx-For Subsite Calendar.

Now I can do as many Backup /Restore Or Import /Export and I don’t have to Reconfigure them again and again.

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