SharePoint Theme Issue At Multiple Server Configurations.

SharePoint Theme can cause havoc headache sometime. I was working on something like that at a client side where theme was not populating on Theme Gallery but the existing site was using the custom theme.


My client was using a custom theme which was developed by one of my senior workmate using the technique used by  Heather Solomon ( which is really impressive and saves hips of time. There was no issue what so ever until my client reconfigure the server. They are using application server as default and WFE as Intranet.

The Theme was working centrally for the root site and the entire subsite but when I have tried to create a new subsite according to the requirement it doesn’t pick up the theme rather it picks up SharePoint default theme. I went to the theme gallery to check but the custom theme was not there.


  • Funny thing I have noticed if I create a page/site from the root site it picks up the custom theme.
  • If I create an existing site as a template and create new site using that template Custom theme picks up automatically.
  • At the case of publishing page If I use Manage Content and structure to move a publishing page to somewhere else and change navigation and bring it back Custom theme picks up.

Things I have done to make it work-

  • I have checked theme.CSS entirely to find if anything broken or any typo error.
  • I have checked the Import rule as well as INF file to see if there any existing problem.
  • I have checked Sptheme.Xml file properly and also validate the XML with an online tool.
  • Have done IISRESET every time I have changed something.

But still the Theme was not working.

Final Discovery and Solution:

After Spending the whole night finding what is going wrong I have found a critical issue and an easy fix to solve the issue. The Custom Theme was implemented on WFE and when my client reconfigures their server they have Made APP server as default one. That’s why it was not showing the theme on Theme Gallery at APP server I was working at. All I had to do is redeploy the theme on App server and everything fixed.

Lesson Learned:

If you are working at multiple server environment with custom theme Make Sure Custom Theme been implemented at all servers.

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